Prestige Theme Modifications

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Hey People, I'm working with a client using Prestige and we just need to do a few final things. I've searched through the code for over a week but still no hints on how to achieve them.


  1. Change the Image carousel for the Product page to a horizontal scroll (if this is possible)
  2. Display an 'Add to Basket' button on the  homepage featured products
  3. Move the checkout button to the right on the 'Basket' page
  4. Display Popup or slide in on checkout for "matching products"

Help on any of these would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @bami-banzai 

all points possible but for that need for that need to make many code changes may be you need to hire developer for that. because slider changes is not possible with just console. 

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This is an accepted solution.

1. Image carousel will need to be done with javascript. Not sure about Prestige as it's not a free theme, can't really look at how it's done. It'd probably be easier to set up a new slider (for myself anyway). I prefer slick:


2. Add to Basket on the featured products would also have to be done through an HTML form or javascript using the Shopify Ajax API:


3. You'll have to locate the line of code in your cart.liquid file and just redesign accordingly.


4. I don't know about "matching products", but there's a recommended products API that "uses sales data and product descriptions to show a mix of products that are similar or often bought together". You can only use one product ID to access it, so I suppose you can pick an item from the cart at random:


I'm pretty familiar with all of this if you're looking to hire anyone, or if you just need help figuring any of it out. Feel free to send me a message on here, though you have to enable messaging in your profile.

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Need Help. I need to show Filter products on the Homepage. By default when we put a link directly to lead us to show all products page, the filter (product tags) will show as a menu on the left side. I really need this to show on feature product section on the home page. Can we do this? Please help. Thanks