Prestige theme. Linking product variants between each other

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Hello Everyone!

I am working with the Prestige theme and I noticed that most of my products that have two variant options are not linking to each other when one is clicked.

For Example: We have different regions which have different sizes assigned, some regions don't support the other sizes. In other words, we have US, EU, UK, AU regions and by choosing US region only US sizes should be available from drop down list of sizes, after choosing EU region, only EU sizes should be available from drop down list of sizes and etc. So the drop down list of sizes should be linked with regions variant. How do I get the regions to link to it's assigned size when clicked?

The example of what I try to achieve is in the following photo:

Знімок екрана  о 17.49.30.png



Знімок екрана  о 17.49.22.png


I have tried integrating a couple of different custom codes but nothing is working on Prestige theme. I would strongly appreciate any suggestions!