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We are currently choosing a theme for our e-shop & find Prestige theme excellent except from one thing. It seems that pages other than the homepage do not have an option for background/ full-width images, which is a problem, especially in the About us section. Is there a way to create a different template with background images with embedded text ideally (i.e. like the homepage slideshow) to be used in pages or should we choose another theme altogether? 



Hello @NikosP_ ,
First of all you have chosen the great theme for development for your store.
If  you have requirements like to add background images in other pages + Sliders in other pages or any functionality, Yes it is possible to create these structure for other pages .
You have to make custom changes to make this possible. If you have coding knowledge you can do this yourself.
Or Hire an expert.
If you want any help related customization in to your store please do contact me.

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Dear NikosP_,


It can be done by some custom coding.


Please hire an expert or contact us here for help:


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Yes, it is possible, this was my solution: 
1.- Identify the section that you want to display on the About page. (In my case was the slideshow).
2.- Go to Edit Code and create a new page template, don't forget to sync the template with your page. (check this tutorial:

3.- On Edit Code there is another folder with the name 'Sections', locate the section file that you want to add in your about page, in my case was "slideshow.liquid"
4.- Go to your new template file, and you just need to write an instruction to call the section, this is the code: {% section 'slideshow' %}

BUT!, Prestige theme has some issues, If you use a section on the home page and other pages, the custom content will be repeated on both pages. So you will need to duplicate the section file...

5- In the section folder click "add a new section"  and create a file with a new name (slideshow-two.liquid),
6- Copy all the code from the original Section and paste it into your new section file.
7.- Write this code into your template page: {% section 'slideshow-two' %}

you can write {% section 'your-section' %} before or after this code: 
<div class="PageContent PageContent--narrow Rte">
{{ page.content }}

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Hi! I just did these steps and it worked perfectly. Am I able to do multiple sections on my about page? Thanks!