Prestige theme - button error?

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I just purchased this theme after trialling it. It looked great while I was trialling it, but I noticed after I purchased it and made some changes, all the buttons went weird, like there is zero padding on all of them (image attached below)

I thought this was my error, because I opened the code to see if I could change the header sizes. I didn't end up changing the code because I wasn't sure about it but still, I re-downloaded the theme and started again thinking it must've been my error.


So I started all over again, this time only making usual edits (didn't even open the code)... Once I finished all my edits I duplicated the theme and I even named it 'Prestige (Before Editing Code)' .... alas, the buttons have changed again and now it's stuck that way because it's saved.


Pretty frustrating.... does anyone know why this is happening?  


If you'd like to take a look the website is and the password is fluvuy 


Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 14.43.40.png