Prestige theme/ too much space beneath main images.

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Hi guys, i'm having this odd problem with the prestige theme.
Everytime i add tabs (built-in app) to my productpage which are located below the main images,
there automatically appears a large empty space in between the bottom of the page and the tab
which causes the page to scroll way longer than it should.
If not familiar with the prestige theme, the main images on the productpage and description are in two seperated vertical lines next to each other and scroll at a different pace in order for them to both end at the same time regardless of length.

Example below;


On the left side you can see the blank space i mentioned before, 
on the right side i marked the scroll bar to show how much space it really is, yet it differs from (product)page to page.

Just a quick note; this problem instantly disappears once i remove the tabs,
but i can't remove them due to it being important info and not wanting to adjust all (+-500) product discriptions.
Also, once the discription hits the bottom it just keeps scrolling for a while before the left side starts moving 
and until they align with each other.

Really hope someone is able to help me with this, i have no clue how to fix this whatsoever and currently on a budget so fiverr isn't an option.
Anyway, thanks in advance, i appreciate all kinds of help.

Theme: Prestige
Style: Allure
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Thanks for post.

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Hi @KetanKumar!

I don't want to come over as disrespectful in any way as i
value you putting your time into this but i'm not sure what it is.
I'm not familar with css and js. It looks a bit like an example of the problem i mentioned, is that right?
Would really appreciate if you could elaborate on this ;)