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Is it possible to prevent a buyer from bypassing the cart and going straight to checkout.

I have been customizing a store's cart page and realised after hours of effort that it's possible for a buyer to simply put checkout at the end of the storename.


I do realize that most buyers are probably not techsavy enough to know how to do this but if its possible to omit the loophole all together please advise me on how to do this.

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This is an accepted solution.

No, it's not possible to stop that. And some themes will also have accelerated gateways/buttons in place that will also skip the cart page. When you have access to the checkout template (only on the largest Plus plan) you can certainly make that much harder to skip but even then a savvy person could get round most techniques.

What are you doing on the cart page that can't be skipped? Context may help with conversation and yeild an alternative approach.

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Hi Jason,

I understand. We have added some code for a "terms of service" acceptance checkbox that should prevent checkout until the customer accepts the conditions. There is also some expected delivery date information presented on the page which would make clear when the customer can expect delivery of their order, none of which is present on the order confirmation page. A few other minor things were added as well but those two would have been the most important.

We had disabled the "buy it now" button for the very reason it was bypassing the cart page then later found out about this URL loophole.

Hopefully Shopify considers this an issue sometime in the future but for now I think we will just have to rely on "hopefully" our customers been less technically inclined to research the URL trick. 

Thanks and sorry for the delayed response.