Preview hidden product in unpublished theme.

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Is there a way to force Shopify to show you an unpublished product in a preview theme? I am working on new products that cannot be made live until the launch of the new site and we will change the theme at launch so I want to confirm that the new products look good with the new theme but cannot work out how to view the “hidden” products in the new “unpublished” theme. Please help!
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Unfortunately, you cannot do that. You might to consider apps like Locksmith or craft a custom pice of code to make sure there is no way for the customers to reach out to these products, still leaving an option for devs/merchants to open the PDP for the product (lock based on a URL parameter as example for javascript based solution or a tag for liquid based solution)

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This is an accepted solution.

I found this post while searching for help on this topic myself. I figured out a solution, and thought I'd share. This will surely be months too late to help you with the site you were working on, but for future knowledge, this *is* indeed possible.


Steps to view an unpublished product in an unpublished theme:


1. Preview the theme you'd like to view the product in

2. In the Preview Bar that Shopify adds in the site click 'Share Preview' and copy the link.

3. Go to your unpublished product, and click 'Preview'.

4. This will land you at a URL that looks something like


5. Copy this part


6. Append that to your theme preview link and it should preview your product in your desired theme.


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Do preview links for products unavailable on your online store have an expiration? They seem to work then all of a sudden, don't. I need to be able to share the product page with others before going live. 

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Thank you @tywayne for posting, this should be the accepted answer. 


I was looking for how to find that preview url for the unpublished theme so I could append that products-preview link, didn't notice the "share preview" button!

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Thank you @tywayne