Printing USPS & DHL Shipping Labels on my regular printer

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I'm hoping I can use my regular printer to print shipping labels.  I'm not clear about using Shopify Shipping (without an app or my own independently acquired shipping carrier account).  Questions:

  1. Do I have to use an app for the best package shipping coverage (i.e. for a variety of shipping methods)?
  2. Can I use Shopify Shipping for both USPS and DHL (or other, if I decide to change or add carriers)?
  3. Can I then purchase the regular-printer label paper in Shopify?  
  4. Will those types of labels be useable for both USPS and DHL (or other carriers, if I modify my carriers)?
  5. If not, please recommend the most helpful arrangements and setups that I could select.  (I am offering FREE Shipping, but only to standard continental U.S. shipping requests.  Expedited or out-of-continental U.S. package destinations will be charged according to the carrier's weight/size postage charges).
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Hello, @TSFT-Pam.

Tira here, from Shopify.

I see that you're a new member, welcome to the Shopify Community! I am happy to answer your questions:

1) I'm curious to know, what products are you hoping to ship and what methods are you looking into? As you've mentioned, we do have Shopify Shipping available. Shopify Shipping helps you receive discounted shipping rates with USPS, UPS, DHL, Canada Post and Sendle shipments and is available for fulfillments shipped from the United States, Canada and Australia. If you're shipping to these areas, Shopify Shipping can help. Check out our example shipping rates here: Carriers & Shipping Rates

If you're looking to ship elsewhere, you can take a look at third-party apps from the Shopify App Store that help you add discounted rates for other couriers and locations, here: Shipping apps


2) We've got discounted rates for USPS, UPS, DHL and Canada Post. By default, USPS rates are added to stores located in the United States. You can always add or adjust your carriers at anytime. Check out the instructions in our help doc here: Create Calculated Shipping Rates.


3) Shopify doesn't have shipping label paper for purchase, you can use your own paper or use a label maker to print your own labels. Printing labels before going to the post office or sending your item out with your courier can save some time. Check out our help doc for the steps to print a test label, shipping label and customs declaration forms: Printing Shipping Labels


4) Each label printed is created specifically for the shipment and carrier. These labels will typically have the carrier's name, the weight of the product, the date, what's included in the shipment and the order number. You can take a look at examples of the shipping label format and changing the label size here: Changing shipping labels. If you decide not to move forward with a label you can always void the label


5) I recommend setting up a weight-based rate for your products so that you can add the range of weight plus the rate you would like to charge for free shipping. For example, you can charge $0 if the weight is 0lbs - 2lbs, and $5 if the weight is between 2.1lbs - 100lbs. It's important to make sure you cover the full range of weights of your products so that the system knows which rate to use when showing shipping rates at checkout. I recommend adding the weight to your products if you haven't already by using the bulk editor. The bulk editor allows you to add and adjust changes to your products and variants. You can find the steps to add weight-based rates to your store from our help docs for free shipping ratesflat-based rates and calculated shipping rates

Let me know if this helps you accomplish this!

Tira | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Tira. Thank you for your explanations about shipping. However, I am
still confused. I have no idea if my merchandise will need to be shipped
out of the U.S. However, I want to make sure that I have it set up in case
someone does order something to be shipped internationally.

So far, I've selected USPS to use for standard shipping in the continental
U.S. I've also set up for DHL Express for expedited and international/out
of continental U.S. orders to be shipped. I sure hope I've set that up
correctly. * I will probably need help with that.*

I am located in Texas, therefore, the U.S. However, *if, by chance,
someone out of the U.S. orders something, can I use Shopify Shipping alone
to print the label?* Plus, I thought* I saw that I CAN buy shipping
postage labels through Shopify. Is that correct,* or did I get confused?
I did look at the Shipping apps but *I still don't understand whether or
not Shopify alone with help me print the appropriate labels and where to
get them. * (NOTE: I just purchased a postage scale so I can put accurate
weights with my merchandise.) *Also, please tell me how to allow for the
extra weight of the packaging material needed to pack and ship each order.*

Thanks so much for more detailed info.