Problem with Cyrillic symbols in the tags handle

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I just saw a serious problem with my site with tags page display.


At once I will say that I know about the Shopify problem with Cyrillic symbols in the tags and the fact that they were not displayed in the handle before last time. But in due time I bypassed it, adding to each tag decoding on a Latin for e.g.:

Tag “большой (big)” had an handle “big” and URL (Cyrillic symbols were simply removed by the logic of the platform)


But now I see, that something has been changed in the Shopify (or in the theme), that the cyrillic symbols began to be display in the handles, but the products disappeared from both - old addresses (e.g. ) and new ones (e.g. ).


Note that if you named the tag purely in Latin, then the products are displayed. For e.g. I create test “english” tag and here you can see product


Please help!


I have been working with a Shopify for a long time, but because of such changes it will be necessary for me go to another platform if I can not find a solution:(

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Hi there,

I am experiencing exactly the same problem as my website in in Bulgarian. I've spent more than 3 hours talking to Shopify Support on Friday and Saturday and still no solution or real support has been offered. Keep trying to take this issue to someone who can actually give me a hand with this over there, but I'm also considering switching to another platform.

I'll keep an eye on this topic and will definitely let you know should I find any solution in the meantime!



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Dear all,

After two years the problem with the non-latin tags, still remain. 

And the terrible thing is that I discovered that issue,  only after I entered hundreds of products, I built pages, I connected to accounts and domains, I went through all the learning curve and - eventually - the time for the collection organizing came. 

Until then, I considered (reading tutorials and watching videos) that shopify is indeed a multi lingual platform (either inherently by the theme design or by using an app) so  I didn't expect to face any serious - unable to be solved - issues with the language.

Only then I realized (the hard way) that tagging in your language is impossible!!!

Obviously shopify people do not care for the rest of the world (Rusian, Greek, Japan, Bulgaria, Korea, Thai etc) that they use non latin characters in their characters set.

And the bad thing is not that they don't care, the bad thing is that they don't provide this vital information as a red warning for the non English oriented customers, from the very first time.


Tagging is a core function for collection and not being able to use it,  is just disastrous. 

It is a shame that this is not clearly stated from the very first time, so to avoid investing time on shopify platform if you intend to build a non English site.

They should either fix it or acknowledge it, with red bold letters, to protect their potential customers from loosing their time and money trying to catch up with the learning curve, entering hundreds of products (with thousands of photos and their uploading time...) in their site, only to find out, after all, that they are UNABLE to organize collections and being forced to move to a different platform.

I'm afraid, to say the least, that this does not demonstrate respect to other people's work. 

Of course, I just express my complain and I do not ask from any Shopifier to fix it because I know that nobody will care.

For issues like that, it's probably more efficient to pray than posting. 

It's just a relief to share my disastrous experience with others and a try to provide a warning for future victims.

My sympathy to all of us "non latin characters" fellows





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I see that in your site you finally found a way to solve the problem the tags the are non-english.

I have the same problem can you tell me how you solve it?