Problem with SKU and Colours.

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Hello Shopify community.

I have a decent problem regarding my selection of colours of my products.

Long story short, i sell perfume atomizers. I have 2 colours. White and black. Each container is 10 ML. In a 100 ml bottle i have 10 x 10 ml. If i place a limit on the product i can either have 10 x black / 0 x white. 5 x black / 5 x white ect.

I want a solution where i can have 10 x white and 10 x black as an option and not as a varible. I will run out of perfume and sell more than i have which is very bad if i place SKU on 10 & 10. My customers should have the choice if they want black or white colour. I have been searching the internet for a long time now, i have run into people with the same problem and I hope someone is bright enough to solve my problem. 

In any other case i would like to have a package deal aswell. Like take 3 pay for 2 kinda deal. This also messes with my SKU because i now have 2 varibles. 

See it like a pyramid. I have x units distributed over a different variants of options. 

I hope someone can help. 

Thanks ! :) 

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Hi, @JonasJostine:

Happy to help you with this project, just send us an email with all those details and we will answer you  as soon as possible.

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