Problem with onsite CSS | NeedsClick class & Klaviyo

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Hi everyone,

hope you're alright!


This is my first post and I was hoping somebody could help me fix this, as I couldn't find any information regarding this anywhere.

I'm looking to launch next week and I use Klaviyo for signup forms, emails etc and it's been great, never had any issues, until last week when
for some unbeknownst reason the pop up newsletter sign up started acting up, it would show up again after closing when refreshing a page or entering

a different one (behavior settings in Klaviyo are fine).

As you can probably imagine, this is annoying as all hell, I've reached out to Klaviyo and they let me know that the problem is my onsite CSS, primarily the NeedsClick class.

Unfortunately they don't have the resources to fix the code on customer's websites, I've alsounnamed.png reached out to Shopify support, no response yet.


Can anyone help me out please?