Problems with mobile product selection and homepage, classic

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Hi! I have found three problems when reviewing my website on mobile. The first two are to do with my homepage. when I edit the featured products on themes I have chosen to display three per row on my homepage, but they come up as giant single products on mobile. How can I change them to either 3 per row (like on tablet, laptop etc) or make the images smaller? Pic down below for reference!

The second issue I have with my homepage on mobile is this, there is a giant gap to the side and I’m not sure what is causing it? I can’t find anywhere in codes to edit the mobile view so I’m stumped.


The final issue, and my main concern is that when I have more than one variant available, you can only chose the top variant on mobile. The drop down menu does not work, but works fine on other devices. Please help me fix this problem! 

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