Product Admin Filter for blank barcode

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We have over 10,000 products and I want to quickly update products that have a blank barcode.

The product filters have extremely limited flexibility.


I learned that for orders I can type this in the search bar 

financial_status:partially_refunded OR financial_status:paid fulfillment_status:partial OR fulfillment_status:unfulfilled

There must be a similar text that I can type into the product search bar to retrieve only the blank barcodes ?


I tried


which shows all products irrelevant of barcode info.

Any ideas how to only retrieve blank barcodes ?


PS: Where can I see a list of all liquid names per table(order, product, etc) ?

Thanks !

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I was running into the same problem. According to the GraphQL search syntax documentation you should be able to do "-barcode:*", however this is giving me all products


Seems like the only thing you can do right now is wait and hope they fix it.


Edit: What's worse, it doesn't even work for the example given in the documentation"-published_at:*"