Product Catagories & subcatagories, drop down menus customization help!

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Hi, I'm using the Sunrise theme. 

On the main menu I have Home & Catalog. Under the Catalog I have Dolls, Collectible & Toys (under Toys I have 1980's.)
I want the Catalog to read Toys, Dolls & Collectibles (in that order.)
When I'm under the main menu on Navigation under Catalog if I have Toys, Dolls & Collectibles (in that order)
I refresh after saving it & go look under the Catalog it has Toys, dolls & collectibles listed but when I click the
little arrow beside toys it lists 1980's, dolls & collectibles... how do I get rid of the dolls & collectibles listed
under the Toys category so it just reads 1980's under the toy menu & read toys, dolls & collectibles under the catalog???
The only other way I can see is if I have Dolls, Collectibles & Toys (1980's) in that order but would prefer to have the toys then dolls then collectibles.


Also, I still don't know how to have my categories drop down menu
to read Toys, Dolls & Collectibles in that order from top to bottom and have the 1980's category when you click on the arrow to Toys. 
Right now I can only have it so it reads: Dolls, Collectibles, Toys (1980's)


I've checked out the tutorials and tried to figure things out on my own but I'm stuck.

I've also contacted the owners of the Sunrise theme & they put me in touch with 

Shopify help... so here I am! Lol  :)

Please help! 
Hope that all made sense, any help is greatly appreciated thanks!  :)