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Is there a way to download images for editing?  I am using the oberlo app which imports products + images to my shopify store.   I would then like to edit the image.  Unfortunately, the image editor provided by shopify is very rudimentary and doesn't support many functions needed to touch up the images.  

I don't see an option to download the image.  I can copy the image, and paste into a destop editor, but the original size isn't preserved, and so when i fix and add back to the store, it's often much smaller.

Any advice would be appreciated...

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It is actually pretty easy. Whenever you see your image, in admin, or in storefront itself, you can right-click it and select "Open image in new tab". In this new tab look at the address line -- it should look similar to

Now remove the part starting from the last underscore up to .jpg, press enter and you will have the biggest version of this image, which you can right-click and "Save Image As" :

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Hi @Mike_S, there is a Mega Product Image Exporter app that allows to download images for big amount of products at once. It takes the highest quality available from Shopify so this should be a good option for your case.