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Hi there, I have a question regarding product reviews. I am not sure if what I asking about can be done. 


I recently added the free Shopify app, "Product Reviews."


Instead of having individual products reviewed, I was hoping to have any review on a product within a specific collection, prepopulate and appear on all other products in that specific collection.


For example, I have a collection titled 12" x 16" Lumbar Pillow Covers. 


With that specific collection, I have a product titled 12" x 16" Abstract Blue Striped Pillow Cover. That product has a review.


Within my collection, 12" x 16" Lumbar Pillow Covers, I have 10 other products that I would like that review to automatically populate and show up on all other 10 products within that collection. 


I do understand another method I could go is offering one product with multiple variants, but I was really hoping to not go that route. However, not using the variants, my problem is most of my products are quantity of 1, so after the customer buys it, the product is taken offline and thus, there is nowhere to leave a review.


So in sum, I want my reviews to be not product specific, but collection specific and any review left on a product within a specific collection to appear within any product in that collection. 


Whoah, I hope that made sense! Thanks as always. 


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Hi - short answer is that the Shopify reviews app doesn't have that functionality. You may be able to find another review app (there are lots) that does but I would be careful before you go down this route if you care about your Google rankings as they probably won't like it (see this article for info).


However, you may be able to achieve what you want in a different and Google compliant way and that is to (as you say) set them up as variants but then change your theme code to show individual variants on you Collection page. There is an app that does this (there may be others) or there is a guide to the DIY approach here.

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