Product Title and SEO URL Handle relationship . . . is there one?

Does the TITLE we enter for a product, need to MATCH the SEO URL handle?

Sometimes the Title is changed after the product is stored, then does not match the SEO handle.

Does this present problems with search engines and indexing?


Below is product with original title

Original TitleOriginal Title

Below is the SEO URL & handle for original title


SEO URL handle for orig titleSEO URL handle for orig title

If we do change the title, should we make sure that we change the 'handle' on the SEO URL to match?  Like this?


Below AFTER title change, should we update the handle in the SEO section and create the redirect?


Screenshot (230).png


I am just trying to understand if there is a significant 'relationship' between the title and the SEO URL section and how it may affect search engine indexing.    Always trying to figure out how to keep our data 'clean' for web SEO.


Thank you to anyone who can shed some light on the whole SEO cloud of mystery!!! 


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I'm Looking for the same response as well. 


I posted this over a year ago and never got a response. ...  still have no idea. 
We usually change the url to match the title if we change it and make sure to check the ‘create a redirect’ checkbox to maintain the link to the product.