Product changes to reflect the options chosen for it

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Hey all. Thank you very much ahead of time for any and all help you me be able to provide. I hope I’m in the right section of the forum for this question.

I make custom decals for people. And the decals can be of any font, and I offer single and dual outlines, italics, staggering, etc

I’m looking for an app or way where as they choose an option, it’s immediately reflected in the products display image.

I see it all the time when choosing graphics for things. Where it shows the base colours and as you change those colours, they change in the main image.

Anyone know where to start? Thank you very much
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If I am understanding correctly, all you need to do is upload the color swatch images as you would regular product images, then click the image area beside each variant, and link it to the appropriate image.


After they are linked up, if a customer clicks a variant, the image should update along with it.







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Hey Allison, thank you for the reply

I make custom license decals. And like a license plate, the numbers/letters are always different.

So if someone comes to the site and puts in “ABC123” as their license number, I want that to show on the screen.

Then if they choose to add an outline, I want an outline to appear on the ABC123. If they choose the letters/numbers to be blue, I want them to change to blue, and if the outline is chosen as red, then I want the outline to reflect that as well.

THEN, if the second customer comes in, and their license is “DEF456”, same thing, I want all their options to reflect what they’re choosing.

All that being said, would that mean I’d have to upload a pic for every option of their choosing? Which I can’t really because everyone’s license number will be different and how would I know what images to upload for when they choose it?
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I’m Helen from Shopify Support. Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Community!


I know exactly what you are referring to, and we have a few apps in our App Store that will enable you to do this. Check out Custom Product Builder and Product PersonalizerBoth apps give you the ability to add options to your products like text, borders and colors, and then the image will update with a preview of the customized product.


There is a free trial period for both apps, so I recommend you install them on your store and use that time to test out the functionality. Just remember to uninstall the one you do not want to use before the trial ends so that you do not get charged for it. 


If you have any specific questions about how the app works, or how to set it up, please reach out to the developer directly. They will be best equipped to answer your questions, and we have a Help Doc here to assist with getting the support you need.


Hope this helps! 

Helen | Social Care @ Shopify
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