Product configurator, list page and system builder options?

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I am looking at Shopify as potential platform for developing a new ecommerce site. I used Miva Merchant back in the early 2000s back before it was a SaaS and knew how to do the type of things I am looking to do now. I am hoping someone can confirm the following can be done within Shopify (or with external themes/apps).


1) Configurable products that build out a SKU based on options selected. Based on a given selection, the subsequent options may or may not be available. There may be cost changes based on option. Part number and price should change on the fly.


2) List of products that only have one or two differences. Instead of building a page for everything, build a master page for the product and then list all versions in a table, with qty and add at the bottom



3) A system builder. Unlike a configuration, which is a single part, based on attributes of a given product, a system would be built by products that may or may not be from the same brand.



Thanks in advance for helping a new prospective user.