Product copywriting: Is there such a thing as trying too hard?

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Hi all,

I'm new to Shopify. My first attempt at enterprise is a POD store selling wearable items, stickers, etc... adorned with meme-inspired and otherwise humorous designs.

One way I've been trying to distinguish my store is with copywriting in product descriptions that tries to hype up the design itself. However, I think it might be backfiring. The products that I thought I put the most effort into their descriptions have zero buys.

Would I be better off leaving my descriptions as simply lists of physical characteristics of the wearable, rather than trying to talk up the aesthetic component of each piece?

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Hey memelordmartin, chances are it's not the copy that's the problem. Could be the products/designs aren't resonating with your intended audience, could be your brand isn't known enough to be trusted, could be the images and other store graphics are raising red flags for people. 

In marketing, copywriting is about 3rd on the list of priorities for optimization, before considering copy, consider this...

1. The offer - if the offer isn't attractive and enticing, no amount or style of copy will help.

2. The list - if you're putting your offers in front of the wrong people, again, no amount or style of copy will help.

3. The copy - copywriting isn't about writing, it's about selling. It's merely sales using a written medium instead of face-to-face. You need to understand how to frame a sales convo in print. Without seeing the copy it's hard to say what may be going on, but suffice it to say there are myriad things in your copy that could be tanking sales and style is at the bottom of the list.