Product description - how to add "reveal? option in product's description

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I have a problem with long, long product's descriptions. I have to keep them long, cause it's important for advanced consumers. On the other hand, for less experienced ones descriptions are too long. The solution I have in mind is to add "reveal" option in text, but I have no idea how to implement it. Any ideas? 

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Some themes even come with a "read more" option , or even a way to create tabbed content. so be sure to check your theme settings first.

Code for a reveal often needs to be tailored to the specific theme using CSS,javascript and typically needing the product descriptions to have a keyword or code entered in it's html.


An option without css or javascript is to use alternate templates 

Basically in the original product template you truncate the description and link to the alternate template that has the full description.

here the alternate template is named with "full"

{{ product.description | truncatewords: 20}}
<a href="{{ product.url | append:'?view=full' }}">Read More</a>




If you need your theme customized with a more seamless content reveal contact me at with details.

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