Product photos are blurry on Narrative theme making the whole theme useless

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Hello everyone... i dont know how Narrative theme passed QA or why theres zero mention of this in any documentation... but all product photos are blurry until you click on them, and then they go full screen and become crisp...


also who designed this product image gallery? its probably the most unintuitive I have ever seen? there is no indication that there are more photos, but instead, you need to click on the picture to see more?  and well also another image gallery is generated at the BOTTOM of the page? like who came up with that idea :SS


you can see all these problems even on the demo page for narrative theme:


stupid of me that I didnt check that before I've spent 2 hours tinkering with yet another theme..I guess if these free themes were any good then people wouldn't pay 180+$ for premium themes... I guess im off to searching for a new theme

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Hi @Bizilux 

Shopify has other free theme also available that all are different then each other you can try it.

for this theme i cant see image are blue its clear as you upload because there are no any overly. and yes rest image are display at bottom. if you want to keep this theme then you can change product page view by custom development. 

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