Product price changing with custom variants

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I'm designing a site for a meal prep company, I'm currently implementing a "Create Your Own" meal feature, which allows you to pick different proteins, sides, and weights in order to build your own meal.


Normally I would use shopify variants for this, but due to the 100 variant limit on products, I've opted to add the variants myself. I've gotten it to the point where it will show up in the cart with all the variants I want like so:




The issue I've run into, is I'd like to make it so that when you add certain more expensive items (fish etc), the price will update. I know this is possible as it is done for you when you add the product variants through the Shopify interface. I'd just like to know where to add code to do it with my custom way of going about it. I'd also like to have images updating with each selection, but not sure if this is possible but help would be appreciated.


Link to my site (it's under "performance menu":

Link to the tutorial I followed to implement this: