Product's description and variants don't follow up the product's images ( BROOKLYN theme )

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I will do my best to describe you the issue I face with the product page.

First of all, I use Brooklyn theme in my shopify store. The gallery layout option is set to stacked. I also use an app to create color swatches( if that matters ). Now, the images appear on the left side and the product’s variants , title, description etc. on the right side. The problem is that when I scroll down the whole right side doesn’t follow up with the images. So I keep scrolling and I can only see the rest images of the product. It looks pretty ugly and unprofessional. I would like to change that. Is there any way to make the whole right side follow up the left side (pictures)? I will attach some pictures below for your better understanding. On the first picture everything works fine and then as I scroll down , things are getting messy. Thanks in advance!