Product 'swatches' linking to product URL's, and NOT variant pictures!

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HI Everyone.

I'm stuck, as I currently can't find a solution towards my problem. I want swatches on my productpages, and as I have multiple pictures of each product it would be great if I could divide those pictures per product.

Example of want I don't want.

The shopify apps *Swatchify' and 'Swatches' link colors with variant images. So all pictures of a given product is already shown on the product page.


Example of what I want.

Let say I have a product with 4 photos each for every color. When clicking on a color I want it to show only those 4 photos that are corresponding to that color - otherwise, it just confuses peole. So the swatch should link to the URL of the product, and not to the variant picture of the product.

The company Greats have a perfect example of what I want. When you click a color it reloads to the specific product! Please see below.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get that? Any app?

Thanks Philip


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Has anyone found a solution to this issue that's willing to help? 

I would love to know how this can be achieved as well! 

Many thanks in advanced. 

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Hi there!

Example of an app -- Variant image Penguin

There is also a tutorial on how to modify the theme to do it. Look here:, somehow this tutorial is no longer on the shopify site...

It's quite frequent topic on the forum too.

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hello Tim,

the URL that you send doesn't works. what is the web site please ? thank you

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Hi Philip, did you get a result with this? Our client is asking for exactly the same thing and everything I've found is close, but not quite right. 


Regards. Sam