Product thumbnail images not changing or opening when selected (clicked)

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I'm noticing an issue on my product pages. I'm using the Minimal Shopify Theme. Clicking on the thumbnail images beneath the main image does nothing when viewing my live page. Here is a sample product:

This happens for every product on my site. I'm not sure what to do. I did some research before posting this. I appreciate any help you guys can offer. 

My business model is drop-shipping + affiliate marketing. So I mainly use two apps. Oberlo and Spreadr. Oberlo for drop shipping and Spreadr for Amazon affiliate links. But I don't think either of them would be impacting my site's ability to show images correctly. 



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HI @KToddDesigns 

I have checked your webshop and find some jquery related problems in your webshop. please hire a Shopify expert or me.


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To give another option, you can try:

1) Preview an older theme and find one where this works.

2) In the console I can see javascript error related to theme.js:

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 4.23.50 PM.jpg 

3) Find a theme that doesn't have that error.

4) Either publish that theme or copy/paste the code and snippets in the product.liquid template.

Do all this on a backup theme. (read How to Safely Edit a Shopify Theme if you're not familiar with code).

As mentioned earlier, your best bet is hiring an expert, just sharing some DIY solutions in case you have a low budget.

Key concept: Always duplicate your live theme when making changes, then when you face an issue like this you can just publish the most recent theme.

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