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Hi everyone,

Looking for answers to two particular questions relating to product variants on my Shopify store. Firstly, I'm building a site that requires more than 3 options for a product. Having exhausted workarounds to this problem and reading various forum posts, it seems i need to buy a plugin that allows unlimited variants. Can anyone recommend a good one?

My second question - The site I'm building is a B2C website that sells light bulbs and batteries mainly in the UK, but also internationally. A particular problem I've encountered is that many light bulbs we sell come in two types of voltage. USA and South American market predominantly use 110V, whereas UK will be 230V for example. The majority of consumers buying light bulbs won’t think to choose the correct voltage. They only care about cap, colour temperature and light output. This could potentially lead to too many returned light bulbs. Is there a way to display only the correct voltage light bulb depending on country that user is from? Or is this potentially quite a complicated ask? I'm fully prepared to have this developed if need be.

Thanks in advance and appreciate any help.



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Hey there @Multibrands,

For the 1st query, 

Can you please include the URL of your store? I'll take a look for you before I can offer any solution/guidance. 

For the 2nd query,

Yes, I think this solution can be developed. You can email me your full requirements and I'll let you know if that's possible with your store. Thanks

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