Products Do NOT Appear Sold Out - Uncaught Type Error - Please HELP!

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Hi everyone,

Whenever I change the product variant (I sell shoes) it does not update. For example, take this product:

I have 0 pairs in stock for UK 6 (It should show Sold Out)

I have 1 pair in stock for UK 8 (It should show Add To Cart)

When I switch to the UK 6 it keeps saying Add To Cart. When I go to the "Inspect" Tab and change variants the following error pops up:


Now, I thought ok I will track the error, which is this line:

problem 2.JPG

As soon as I delete that line from the code in js.liquid, everything works perfectly! But afterwards on mobile, product pictures change from thumbnail to stacked (it's set up through the theme to be thumbnail). It is a nightmare.

Can someone PLEASE guide me through this? It is causing me a lot of anxiety.