Proper placement for variant images in Boundless theme

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I am using Boundless theme and having issue with variant images for my products.


Please enter my webshop here>>

password: catherines


and then go to this product page>>


I wanted to have several images for some color options, and show only the images that are related to the selected color option. I used this tutorial and it worked but with some issues:

  1. Desktop version of the product page doesn’t look perfect in terms of image placement - there is a lot of empty white space. Usually there supposed to be 2 images per row above the product description. Now, only one image assigned to the color option shows in the first row (left side), and remaining images go below description text, while keeping a lot of white empty space at the right hand side. To see this, select Size -S/M, and Color - Option 6.
  2. It only works correctly (shows 2 images in a row above product description text) when I have assigned hero product image to the selected color option. To see this, select Size -S/M, Color - Option 3. Product image to the right in the first row is the hero image.
  3. Another issue is if I assigned only one image for color option, then you will see its double below the product description text. Try choosing Size - M/L, Color - Option 1. Why do I need a double of the image?

My main concern:

Related to point 1 - I need correct placement for color option images so that there is no empty white space. I need to have 2 product images in one row (above product description text).


Also,  it would be great to know if it’s possible to assign some product images to several color variants without adding the same image to the system and assigning different alt text to it.

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Hi @
I can add that customization for you. Shoot me an email.
Thank you!