Pulling page content into the product page

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I have a store that sells printful 'print all over' products. I can't seem to get colour variations to work for 'print all over' products - I know that these do work for standard print products from printful. I'm using the debut theme. 

As a work-around I would like to add an information box on the product page that contains links and images for the other colour options. I will put this info into pages that have the following naming convention: product.title-colourinfo for example a product called red shorts would have a page set up called 'red shorts-colourinfo'

I've tried to add different versions of code like this to the product-template.liquid but I don't know liquid well enough to know the correct way to call this information. Does anyone know the correct syntax?

{{ pages.["product.title"]-colourinfo.content }}

Any help would be very very very much appreciated!!