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I have been trying to solve the issue and stuck in a loop. The featured product on my home page skips the Quantity from 1 to 3 when pressing the '+' button. This occurs and jumps in intervals of 2.

On the contrary, when I press the '-' button to reduce quantity it jumps from 3 to 2, as it is supposed to do. 

I have reinstalled the Debutify theme multiple times and this issue is still persisting. Has anyone here had a resembling problem and a possible solution ?




After Pressing the '+':


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This is an accepted solution.

@Net12oz ,

There could be 2 reasons for this behavior,

1)your theme.js has code for stepper which has or bug or was changed. 

2) Your clicking in resulting in 2 click events being fired

If you haven't made any changes and not using any third party app which affects this page, it should get solved with a fresh copy of the theme.

Let me know if problem persists 

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In case you're still looking for a solution: 


Go to Theme Settings -> Cart/Search -> Cart Type to "Page"