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in our shop buyers get a discount when they buy 10 or more products (10% off), no matter which product.

We use the app "Selly united" for this. In the cart (pop up and page itself) they show a little message which tells the user to "put x more products into the basket to get 10% off".

As I'm not very happy with the styling and the placement I would like to do it by myself.

Which variable do I need to use in order to get back the quantity of the products in the cart?


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Edit: I'm trying this code but it doesn't show up somehow. Any idea why?

                {%if cart.item_count < 10}
                      <p>Add {{ 10 | minus: cart.item_count}} products to receive 10%</p>
                {% else}
                      <p>You are buying more than 10 products so you are getting 10% off</p>
                {% endif}

Additionally, is there a way to update the text when someone is changing the quantity in the cart without the need to reload the page?

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I can add that customization for you. Shoot me an email.
Thank you!

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