Re: Is the primary locale the default locale for the root domain name?

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Hi @Michal_Morek ,

Thanks for your reply, but you're simply describing the normal behaviour.

I will describe in more depth what we're seeing with this merchant.

Consider the following:

1. Store has 2 published locales: Arabic and English (primary). See

GraphQl Query:

  shopLocales(published: true) {


2. Since English is the primary locale, we expect that when we go to the store without specifying the locale (so instead of, we are served the primary locale (English).


But instead this is what we see in the page source:

<html class="no-touch no-js" lang="ar"> // "ar" is coming from {{ request.locale.iso_code }}


Shopify.locale = "ar";

The only place where the correct locale is shown (English) is in this script:

<script id="shopify-features" type="application/json">{"accessToken":...,"locale":"en"}</script>

All of these code snippets are managed by Shopify, so there's a clear conflict between them. 

The merchant also sent us a screenshot from their settings page, confirming that English is the default language:

It looks like a bug in Shopify's backend.

Where can we report bugs?



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Hi @alfa00 

I'm sorry for your inconvenience.

Where can we report bugs?

You should reach out to Partner Support through the support page in the Partner Dashboard.

As a Shopify Partner, you have access to 24/7 priority support via phone, live chat, and email. This means that when you contact support, your questions are bumped to the top of their support queue and sent to the appropriate Shopify Support Advisor, allowing you to quickly resolve client requests.

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I already did, and they sent me to this forum.