Re-formatting theme.scss.liquid

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Hello everyone,

I met an issue with my theme.scss.liquid file.

That is all of the coding inside that file only show in 1 line.

I wonder is there any way I can re-formatting/organizing the coding inside that file?

I've tried to apply Source Formatting in Dreamweaver then paste back into that file and then my website is mess up.

May I ask anyone have this issue before? and how do you fix it?

FYI: The coding is like that at the beginning, I didn't touch anything in it.




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What you are seeing here is a minified theme.scss liquid file. It has all the unnecessary whitespace and line-breaks removed. 

What theme is that? Most don't come in this way.


The reason for your site being broken after you paste the formatted file back is either because the formatter broke a liquid tag or it didn't understand SCSS.


You'll have to format the file manually —use find and replace in Dreamweaver;

search for '}' and replace it with '}\n' (\n is newline character; you can create it after pressing enter after a curly bracket and then copying the whole line). This will split the code in blocks which will be easier to edit.


Or contact the theme developer so they send you a non-minified version of that file.

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Thank you so much for your help,

The theme I'm using is Providence. I have contacted to the theme customer service as well. Their customer service seems doesn't helpful because they don't support any question that relative to coding and their representative answer to me: that is way the code lines are organized...

Below are the screen shot of their email:

Capture.JPGNot only this file, the "theme.css.liquid", "theme.js" and "jquery.currencies.min.js" files have the same issue as well. They have made a difficult for the web developer to change those coding, I should leave this theme a bad review for that and tell everybody beware to buy this theme.