Recaptcha popup interfering with Google Customer Reviews Badge

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We've implemented the Recaptcha option within Shopify and the Recaptcha popup is now showing on the site at the bottom right corner of each page. We currently have our Google Customer Review badge there and would like to be able to move the Recaptcha popup. Can someone direct us to where this popup code can be found and altered or what kind of CSS would need to be implemented to move the Recaptcha popup slightly higher than our Google Customer Reviews badge? Thank you!

Our site:
Our site theme: Mobilia Version 6.1.2

Snapshots of what I've referenced above:

Annotation 2020-07-30 135654.png


Annotation 2020-07-30 135714.png




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Where did you go to turn it on?  I want to turn it off, it just randomly appeared one day I didn't active it or anything. I want to remove it entirely.

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If you want to hide it you can add the following to your css

.grecaptcha-badge { visibility: hidden }


If you want to disable it completely the option is in Online Store -> Preferences (at the bottom of the page)


If you do decide to hide it with CSS you are technically obliged to mention somewhere on the page that the form uses recaptcha