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Hi ,

I want to change invoive number i know there is not any procedure to change but can we write some code in order printer invoice template by that we can start invoice no. from 1 .

Actuallt in India we have to start invoice numbering from intials for every financial year.

April 2017 going to start new financial year and we have to start invoice number from 1 or intial number.

so how can i do this?


Hi Hemant,

This could be possible in a kind of "hacky" way, where you adjust the order number in liquid to minus out the number needed.

So for example, if you currently have this code:

{{ order_number }}

and it shows on the 1st of April: 1423

Then on the 1st of April you change your code to be this:

{{ order_number | minus: 1422 }}

Which will then show: 1 on the next order, 2 on the order after that, and so on.

Not pretty, but it would give you the control you need :)

Hope it helps,

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Hi Hemant, 

Katy from Sufio here. Since you're asking about invoice numbering, Sufio is an invoicing app for Shopify stores that allows you to set custom invoice numbers instead of Shopify order numbers and create your own numbering sequence. You can add any prefix/suffix to the number or even set your own user-generated numbers. 

I understand you're using Shopify's Order Printer to print your invoices? In any event, check out the links I posted here and let me know in case you have any questions. 

Have a great day :)

Katy @ Sufio

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Same problem... where do i find {{ order_number }} in the  liquid...