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Dear Shopify Experts.

Apparently in Mobile version of our website when we go to product page, we see big blocks of related product showing. Insteade of strip showing small 3 products in one frame , it shows one big product. How to make related product show 3 products or 2 products in one row 

Screen shot of how its seen is shared below 



Screen shot of how we need to show on mobile version is shared below


 Help will be highly appreciated

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You need to check your theme customizer setting for the product page. If there is options/section for related products. I can see on mobile it shows a carousel/slider. 

So there must be an option in admin to disable that slider and after that, it might convert into a grid format. Might be this need bit of customization but would like to suggest to play with 

settings if you have in your theme.


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