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Hi All, I need some bits of advice, please.


I have been searching in here but not yet found a simple solution. I would like my product page to show related products only from the same vendor.


When a product page URL contains /collection/collection-name/, related product works file as the page shows only products from the same vendor. Here's an example of Lanvin shoes. It works perfectly as it's showing Lanvin shoes as recommended products.


However, when customers entered my site via a search engine, they mostly arrived via a canonical URL like below.


As you can see this type of URL doesn't contain 'collection name' in the URL. As a result, it is showing Adidas shoes instead. I guess it's because a predefined algorithm Shopify is using by capturing a generic shoes collection that the product sits in rather than using a specific vendor collection.


I have tried a Shopify app called Globo but I found their template clunky and doesn't fit with my Prestige theme. I want to simply force the related products to only show products in the same vendor.


Any advice is much appreciated.



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Any reply for this?


You can use shopify apps for this. See the below apps for related products :

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If you want to show related product of same vendor then you have to create alternative json template of collection with vendor product and then get this json by ajax on page.

You can get vendor product only on collection page, like bellow:


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