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I have a store with products set up as individual products with size variants. So a blue t-shirt with size variants, a green t-shirt with size variants. So two separate products.
I would like to be able to link these products by displaying colour swatches in each product. So both of these products would have two colour swatches ( a blue and a green ) on their product pages. When you click the swatch it would take you to the relevant product. 
Heres the kicker I would ideally like this to work off the product handle. So the handle would always be in the same format "product name colour" . So "short sleeve t-shirt blue' and "short sleeve t-shirt green" . Ideally shopify would relate the two products by looking at the first part of the handle and the produce the swatch colour by looking at the colour. 
I do not want to use an app or metafields for this.
Is it possible?