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Hello there,

My Shopify site is complete and nearly ready to launch, with one minor problem. 

I tried a few different language switchers to see which one I liked best for the site. I deleted the ones I didn't like and kept the one I liked which has a language switcher in the top right which I really like. 

However, I think some code stuck around from one of the other language switchers and I can't find where to remove it. It creates an extra language switcher in the footer which I do not need that completely screws up my translations when someone tries to change language through it. I believe it may be left over from the "gtranslate" app but I cannot confirm and do not know how to remove.


Help please? Attached are screenshots.


My store name is, and the password to enter into the store is: waeltupicture2.PNG 

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Hello @jumbojet555,

1. Go to Online Store->Theme->Edit code
2. Asset->theme.scss->paste below code at bottom of file


select.locale-selectors__selector {
display: none !important;


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