Remove /Pages from URL my store

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Hi @Lizzy ,


what a great an fun example... 

Shopify itself is not using its own "URL ruleset":


I would love to have the same URL structure, just like shopify mothership and not 


instead the only option i get is: 
shopify 2.JPG


Please help us get traction on this functional change!

How many customers / requests does it take to get attention?

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This is ridiculous that there isn't a solution yet! I've been asking about it for years with client websites and I almost went to Big Commerce because of it. In fact, Shopify take notice >> Big Commerce is using this issue as a selling point for their platform. 


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It is absolutely crazy that Shopify still doesn't have that feature. It really cheapens the look of any website that has those breadcrumbs on the URL



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I see Shopify has updated store search results. Why can't we get the main URL structure fixed? I think every store owner / developer would like this feature and it shouldn't take this long to get it done...

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Hello @Lizzy ,


Please let me explain why is so important for us.

Google ranks pages based on the keywords used but also on the type of page / link optimized (homepage, category, subcategory, product).

A page will have a higher indexing force on a keyword depending on the type of page that word is targeted to, as follows:
1-Homepage - the most powerful
2-Page of category - second most poweful
3-Page of subcategory - 3 rd most powerful
4-Product page - 4th most powerful


By example: If i target the keyword "business suits" in category page (link,meta title and meta description), google will rank me better than other site who target same keyword in subcategory page (link, meta title, meta description).


My link in google search will look like and the other shop link will look like


In the real life, on Shopify, if i want to target same keyword in category page, my link will look like , and that means you've just downgraded me into a subcategory page and the other shop can rank better than me and outperform me in the position of google search.


All other SEO techniques that are permited by Shopify (meta titles, Meta description) will not work without the link optimization and the site will remain mediocre.


I hope I made myself clear and this issue will be soon gone. If not, i think that a lot of sites will leave Shopify.


I personally intend to migrate to Shopify from a small local platform in Romania (that by the way, offers the link optimization posibility), but after finding out that the link cannot be SEO optimized, I am not so sure about migration, even though I worked almost 20 days for the shop setup on the Shopify.


Thank you very much!

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Can't agree more!

and to add my point again: Shopify themselves don't use their own /pages structure... so why are we forced to?

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@Lizzy and @Jason I appreciate everything you all do and you have a ton of wisdom in the posts in this community. 


We're all hoping this request will be heard and implemented.  Would you please re-approach your team about making this update and actually get confirmation that it will be updated and a timeframe?  Thank you very very very much!

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Hey !


This seems great, but where do I actually enter said "code"/"path ? 

Just onto my page text itself ? Or in some backend folder/ file ? If so which one ? 





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This is crazy, why can we not do this by now? Such a great platform ruining SEO with this one major flaw yet the Shopify website itself does not do this. Please bump this to dev and make this platform as great as it deserves to be. Thank you all! @Lizzy @Nick @TyW @Alex23 @SeanP @Lisa @Jason 

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