Remove footer/white space from password page? Debut theme.

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reposting as I still have yet to receive a response. Can someone please advise on how to remove the footer/white space on my password page below image?


Store url:


I have tried changing image size to no avail.


I have tried removing footer code in the message to visitors box as suggested in other thread and this did not work either.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, please! 


This is an accepted solution.

Hello @Sheena222,

1. Go to Online Store->Theme->Edit code
2. Asset->theme.scss->paste bellow code in bottom of file

.password-page {
	position: fixed;


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Thank you so much!!!! THAT WORKED!


You literally just made my day thank you thank you thank you

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Hi I tried this, and it worked for my computer page but on my phone page it got rid of my email subscription
My partner and I have tried a number of code throughout the internet for a sold 8 hours and each time it has not worked in our favour
Please help
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I still have a footer although I copied it on the bottom of my page. What can I do? On my computer it looks fine but on other computers the password page has a white boarder. I need help! Thank you so much.