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What I'm trying to achieve is:


- removing quantity selector from cart


- removing quantity from product, so when clicking on "buy now" button it redirects to cart without adding a quantity (if there's already 1 product in cart, if 0 than it adds 1, if 1 than adds 0)


@Bo  if you have an idea ;)







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Hi @roxysocherry ,


Dani here from Shopify! Thanks for writing in.


This would depend on the theme that you are using. To remove the quantity selector, you can check your theme settings. This tutorial shows you how to add a quantity selector, but the same steps can be applied to remove it. In the product page settings, simply uncheck the show quantity selector option.



If you can't find this option in your theme settings, then you may be able to find the code as explained here. I would suggest commenting out the section of code using {% comment %} and {% endcomment %} tags. Add these tags to the beginning and end of the section to omit this section from being read. This way, if you would like to reverse the changes made you simply need to remove these tags.


So far we have removed the quantity selector from the product page, however if you'd like to take it further by setting a maximum quantity that a customer can order we'd need to use a third party app for this. I found a couple that should work for what you are looking to do:



Both of these apps will allow you to set a maximum quantity on a specific product, in this case 1. Are you selling a specific product that you only want your customers to be able to purchase 1?


If you're curious and want to learn more about the fundamentals of design, I'd highly recommend taking a look at our free Academy course - How to Design Your Online Store (with Zero Design Experience).


Let me know if you have any further questions, I'd be happy to continue helping you!


All the best,



Dani | Social Care @ Shopify
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Ok thanks, I'll try the plugin solution!