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Hi all!! 


I need to remove the quantity selector for a couple of products that use variants to control the pricing as the quantity increases. 


I've had a look at the code but, since I'm a total amateur, can't easily decipher which line I need to change. Is there an easy fix? 


Thanks so much!







Hi @SueAnnStaff 

Since you need to do this on only some products, this would require some extra work, not as simple as getting rid of it, rather putting some backend code stating if the product has some specific thing, don't show the quantity selector.

I suggest you hire a developer, otherwise, if you just want to remove it completely, put the below code in your style.css file in asset folder, at the bottom. Note: the below will remove it completely. If you only want some products, then You will need to hire someone. my email is below if you want to chat further



.product_form .left{
  display: none;



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