Replace 'Coming Soon' with 'Add to Wishlist' using Swym Wishlist app

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Hi there,

I am a Graphic Design assistant with very basic HTML knowledge who is in charge of quite a large store in terms of traffic and sales:

I have somehow, so far, managed to utilise the Shopify community forums and Google to help me with the store thus far, however this problem I can't seem to find a solution online since I think it's quite specific.

We want to implement an 'Add to Wishlist' button for products that aren't yet released, or coming soon, in place of Add to Cart / Coming Soon.

We are using the Responsive theme. 

So far I:

  • Downloaded the Swym Wishlist App (free plan)
  • Configured the appearance
  • Made one of our upcoming products live 
  • It obviously has a quantity of 0, so it comes up as 'Sold Out'
  • I tried adding the product to the collection 'Coming Soon'
  • Responsive theme then automatically configures the product page to have the 'Add to Cart' button removed and 'Coming Soon' in place of the price
  • The 'Add to Wishlist' button from the app has disappeared - it is obviously coded to only show up when 'Add to Cart' is visible
  • I tried looking for  a solution for this, but it seems I have a unique situation 

We don't mind having Add to Wishlist on live products, we just also want them on products that are not yet purchasable

This is the product I am testing this method on 

We want customers to add to their Wishlist, so that we can estimate quantities, shipping and also see what's more popular. 

Is this possible to do? I have made minor code changes and stuff since changing the store theme, I am just not yet proficient enough that I can do this from scratch. 


I hope I made sense, please forgive any mistakes as English is not my first language

Thanks very much in advance