Replace "log in" text with "members only"

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Hi guys, I am new to this but not affraid, please help me understand how to replace "log in" text with "members only"

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Alex here, from the Shopify support team. 

We should definitely be able to get that figured out. Each theme has a section where you can make edits to the language of your storefront. This can be found by going to Online Store > Themes > More Actions > Edit Languages. It will look like this: 

Once you've pulled up the language editor, type the language you'd like to change into the filter section: 

Then, find the matching text for the section you'd like to change, and update it to "Members Only".

I hope this helps! The language editor is one of the most underrated tools for Shopify themes, in my opinion. There's a bit more on how it works here if you're interested. Feel free to follow up here with any other questions. I'll keep an eye out!

Alex | Support