Replying to Contact Form emails

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When customers get a "shopify notifications" email, the design is decided by the code in settings > notifications.

However, when someone sends an email through "Contact Form" and I need to reply, how can I reply to them with an email with the same design instead of it being plain text?


For example, if a customer sends an email asking about a product. In this case, the only way I can reply to them is in plain text since the email is only accessible on my email provider (G-suite) and not on Shopify's dashboard. This is very unprofessional looking and copy-pasting the CSS/HTML from an existing notification is not an option, since Shopify uses Liquid and Outlook/Apple Mail won't work with that.


PS! I am NOT talking about email marketing messages such as newsletter etc. For that there are email marketing service providers. My question is solely regarding Shopify's Contact Form emails.