Resize main product images in Brooklyn theme

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Hi, I need to resize my images in the product page. I am using the Brooklyn theme. Here is the link:

Some pictures are small and some are big. Although I  like the asymmetrical style, some images are very small and some of the same sizes look bigger. It seems that the main product image that shows up in the product range page are resizing itself. aome are 800 x 800. I have tried resizing equally to a 1000 x 1000, but they continue to be small. But some that are 800 x800 show up bigger/ Is there a way that I can increase the sizes, and maintain  the abstract fun layout . Any help will be much appreciated. 


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It will be a custom change and if you want to resize the images according to your need so it will be done by custom coding. Thanks and Best Regards 

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