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Hi there, 


I have a shop in USD. I wanna round my prices to EUR x.90.


I saw that this must be possible on that thread: but I struggle on understanding:

Where does the currency get converted? I cannot see any currency switcher. Or a autmatically rounded EUR price, it stays on USD (I am located in Europe).

Is this done by another App? I am using also LangShop-App which would support conversion and has a currency switcher, but I disabled it for testing the Shopify's suggested round-function.


Should I disable LangShop for currencies?


Questions over questions... 


Please help


Thank you in advance


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So in the article it is said, that there are different (fixed) rounding rules for different currencys.

The currency conversion works by setting a cookie via a currency switcher. I think with the cookie set, shopify will directly convert the currency on the server side.

To enable the currency conversion you can follow this step by step guide:

The simplest switcher is only 3 lines of liquid, that you would need to add to your themefiles:

{% form 'currency' %}
{{ form | currency_selector }}
{% endform %}

There are further options, that you can find in this article

Below you can find the example rounding rules:
EUR Round up to €0.95
JPY Round up to the nearest ¥100
USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, SGD, HKD Round up to the nearest dollar.
GBP Round up to the nearest pound.

Note: currency apps will or might conflict/override the initial conversion. So it was a good idea to deactivate it.

Hope that helps :-)
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