SUPPLY THEME. Different product photo in collection page than in product page

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I'm using the Supply template, and I'd like to ask about implementation of the following two things:

1. I'm using a certain image as a miniature product image (the one appearing e.g. in collection page), but I would like this image to NOT appear in the product page. Practically speaking, I want the product image in collections and the product image in product page to be different. The product page displaying only the 2nd, 3rd etc. image should do the job.

2. I absolutely hate the magnifying glass in product page. I prefer the old school "click to view full-size" functionality. 

Is there a simple solution for these problems? Can I do it myself, or do I need an expert?

Thanks in advance!

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Can you share the link of the store & we can solve #1 easily and check if #2 can be done with a few lines of code or it requires more work from our end.